SHINee World V LA Experience + Fancams

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(I didn't add music again bc I thought it sounded distracting, I'm sorry if that's something you don't like... ;-;)

» M Y D A N C E T E A M «

» F O L L O W M E «

» M U S I C «
End song: Replay - SHINee :p

» F A Q «
Name: Shelby
Age: 20 (at time of video)
Camera: iPhone 6s
Editor: iMovie

» O T H E R «
$5 off 1st Joyrun Order (also bc poor college student): SHELBYIN527
Lyft Code (use when you sign up :D): SHELBY64899
Monster Dance Cover:
Knock Knock Dance Cover:
How I Get My Money (bc I feel like people will ask): As of this video, I'm currently working a part time job to mainly pay for gas, but I save the rest of my money. That I've been selling a lot of my old things from home that I haven't used on my eBay, as well as some of my parent's stuff that they have me list, and in return I can keep a portion of the money ^^

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